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LiveView can offer a cost-effective wireless solution for almost any application with SerVision’s wireless CCTV digital recorders. With ground-breaking video streaming technology high quality video can be streamed over mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

In addition to CCTV for Vehicles with the MVG and CVG-M gateways LiveView offer wireless CCTV for remote static and Body-Worn portable solutions with the UVG and CVG gateways.

  • Wireless CCTVVideo channels; 4 channel - UVG 400, 8 channel - UVG 800
  • MPEG4 Compression: UVG-400 160 SIF FPS, UVG-800 320 SIF FPS
  • Channel configurable resolution: D1, VGA, SIF, QSIF
  • PTZ control
  • Bi-directional audio
  • Motion detection
  • Removable, high capacity HDDs

    No matter how remote the location you want to view, providing that there is an adequate cellular network, both live and recorded video can be streamed to your PC, PDA and mobile phone. The UVG is specifically designed for installation at remotely located sites; car parks, cellular base stations, perimeter fencing. The low voltage systems support 4 or 8 cameras of live and recorded video as well as bi-directional audio. Although they can be connected to the internet with a standard cable, the UVG can also use cellular and wireless (Wi-Fi) networks for streaming high quality video from remote sites to client devices. The UVG is ideal for deployment at any remote location where cabled internet connections are not available, or at fixed sites where a backup cellular connection may be necessary.

    Wireless CCTV for ConstructionWireless CCTV for Remote LocationsWith either the UVG or CVG (See Body Worn CCTV) you can monitor the most remote applications, from wind turbines on remote moors to construction sites that don't yet have landline broadband connections and therefore have to use mobile networks.



    Wireless Traffic Monitoring CCTVWireless Traffic Monitoring CCTVThe possibilities for streaming live and recorded video with our remote site solutions are almost endless. UVG and CVG recorders are ideal for monitoring traffic, intersections, trouble hot-spots, fly-tipping sites and much more.



    3G Modem for CCTVAll systems need a modem and SIM card.  We can provide the total solution; digital recorder, modem, SIM card and system configuration. Please contact us for details.