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LiveView offer three ground-breaking options from SerVision for Mobile CCTV and Vehicle applications; the ruggedised MVG video gateways and the compact mobile CVG-M video gateway are selected by transport operators across the globe for their impressive functionality and state-of-the-art video compression and transmission capabilities. Key features include:Vehicle CCTV

  • Video channels; 4 channel - MVG 400, 8 channel - MVG 800, 4 channel - CVG-M
  • MPEG4 Compression: MVG-400 160 SIF FPS, MVG-800 320 SIF FPS
  • Channel configurable resolution: D1, VGA, SIF, QSIF
  • PTZ control
  • Bi-directional audio
  • Motion detection
  • Removable, high capacity HDDs 

SerVision MVG400 Vehicle CCTV SerVision MVG800 Vehicle CCTVSerVision CVG-M Mobile CCTV

           MVG-400                        MVG-800                                CVG-M 

Mobile CCTV for BusesIdeal for deployment on buses, trains, police cars and other emergency response vehicles, delivery trucks and cash-in-transit vans, the MVGs use cellular and wireless technologies to stream high-quality live or recorded video from vehicles to remote client devices. Full GPS support allows remote users to locate and track vehicles, while anti shock, vibration-resistant casing ensures reliability on the road. Support for a closed-circuit monitor enables drivers to see what is going on in every corner of the vehicle at a glance, and bi-directional audio capabilities enable them to speak freely with HQ and other personnel. 

LiveView Mobile CCTVLiveView Mobile CCTVMobile CCTV for CoachesLiveView Vehicle CCTV

CCTV for Emergency VehiclesProjects in numerous countries including Holland, Belgium, Israel, Dallas, Singapore, Slovakia, China and Colombia are testament to SerVision’s ground-breaking technology. The Czech Republic Police are also using the MVG in a 1,700 vehicle project. Click;

The new, compact and versatile CVG-M includes many of the features of the MVG but differs in that it has a built-in modem and uses flash memory instead of a hard-disk-drive. The CVG-M is ideal for taxis, vans, trucks and can also be used where remote monitoring is required for such as car parks, traffic inter-sections and fly-tipping hot spots.