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LiveView StableCam is a unique high quality CCTV camera system that can be easily installed into any number of stables which can be accessed via a network connection e.g., internet or mobile phone. (Download a StableCam leaflet).

It works using similar principles as CCTV but the output is via your mobile phone or computer. The only requirement is that your computer and/or mobile have an internet connection.

We recognise that individuals have different needs and that is why we have developed a flexible installation package which can be tailored to your own specific requirements.

Our start-up installation package 'Standard' LiveView StableCam can be enhanced simply by selecting from a whole host of additional features, to create your very own 'Bespoke' LiveView StableCam !!

 StableCam for Horse Monitoring 

'A Standard' LiveView StableCam system includes...

Digital video recorder (HVG) for remote viewing of live and recorded video
Up to 4, colour, day/night cameras
Motion detection triggered recording
Fully installed with software on PCs and mobiles. 'Bespoke'

Up to 16 cameras per video recorder (SVG)
Easy access to multiple gateways
Viewing on CCTV monitors and TV's
Event notification by email and SMS text message
Input and output activation sensors eg burglar alarm activation, door opening, switching on lights.
Integrated audio and video
Cameras for yard security, horse boxes, stables, individual horses, events, racetracks, jumps, clinics, vets and farms
Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera control, even from mobile phones
Larger capacity hard-drive storage for recorded video


Stable CCTV for Horse Monitoring


Whichever LiveView StableCam system you choose, only LiveView StableCam provides live remote monitoring on your horses 24/7 from wherever you are... now you can be in two places at once!

Only LiveView StableCam offers such high quality live video remote monitoring of horses, horse boxes, stable blocks, foaling boxes, tack rooms, menagés, event venues, race tracks, training arenas, veterinary treatment rooms and farms...

Stable CCTV on a Mobile PhoneStableCam on a LaptopSee what your horse is up to anywhere, anytime on our free viewing software installed on your mobile and PC.



 Stable CCTV PC Viewing Software



LiveView use SerVision products which are widely used by Police Authorities, Security Organisations and Businesses around the world. You can now benefit from this unique quality technology at an affordable price.