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SerVision DVRs

SerVision Digital Recorders

Need help with configuration ?

LiveView support Electrical Contractors and CCTV Installers to configure their SerVision DVRs and port forward client routers for Internet access.


4 channel for Small Offices and Homes

4-8 channel for Vehicles and Boats

4-8 channel for Remote Sites

8-12-16 channel for Commercial Sites

1-2 channel for Body-Worn, Covert, Compact

1-2 channel for Compact Mobile; Taxis, Trucks, Traffic Control …

All systems feature:

  • Exceptionally low bandwidth usage for high-quality video transmission over IP networks
  • Remote viewing of live & recorded video via client applications on PCs, PDAs & Mobiles
  • Integration of input sensors and output activation sensors
  • Fully integrated audio and video
  • Large capacity hard drives for local storage
  • Downloading of video for remote storage
  • Minimal disk usage for recorded video
  • Remote PTZ control, even from PDAs and mobiles
  • Event notifications via e-mail, SMS, or pop-up alarm
  • Event detection via built-in Video Motion Detection (VMD) or inputs