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Welcome to our monthly news roundup for Businesses and Homeowners across the North and beyond.

This month:

  • Professional Monitoring for Businesses and Homes
  • Down by the river - CCTV & Wireless Internet Access for York Motor Yacht Club

Professional Monitoring for Businesses and Homes

Imagine the comfort of having someone watching over your business or home when you’re away or in bed, someone simply stood at the corner of your property; waiting, watching, guarding, and keeping you and yours safe. Professional CCTV monitoring provides that comfort.


With monitoring fees from £15 per week LiveView install or modify existing systems using the latest IT and CCTV technologies. Wherever your site is it can be monitored through the night or 24 hours-a-day.

LiveView ensure that your equipment is specified correctly and able to cope with your business monitoring requirements. In short all of your CCTV, alarm, gates and barriers can be managed remotely offering you significant comfort and cost savings.
With a Security Industry approved monitoring service operating to BS CCTV Management & Operation Code of Practice you can be assured of highly trained staff using the latest technology. Please contact us for further details.

Down by the river - CCTV & Wireless Internet Access for York Motor Yacht Club

We don’t just do great CCTV and cameras!

York Motor Yacht Club wanted security, lighting and wireless internet access points for boat users along half a kilometre of their river Ouse site in York. LiveView installed the CCTV and wireless access points which now allow boat users to moor up and connect to the Internet to browse on PCs and Smartphones.


The completed project will provide CCTV security, lighting and wireless Internet access along the full length of the half a kilometre yacht mooring space. Boat users can also view their CCTV cameras when away from their boats to simply check that all is well.

Whatever the CCTV need you can be sure that LiveView can help.

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