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Welcome to our monthly news roundup for Businesses and Homeowners across the North and beyond.

This month: Great Yorkshire Show, CCTV helps the elderly stay in their homes longer and HD-CCTV

Great Yorkshire Show – July 9-11th, 2013

Believe it or not – it looks like we’ll need our sun cream for this year’s Great Yorkshire Show. Instead of last year’s washout, when we were ankle deep in water and had to pack up and go home on the first day, we are looking towards an excellent opportunity to once again meet up with you. Do come and see us and say hello if you’re at the show.

  • Great Yorkshire Show – Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11th July
  • Bingley Show – Saturday 20th July
  • Penistone Show – Saturday 14th September


CCTV helps the elderly stay in their homes longer

The increasing costs of placing the frail and elderley into Care Homes is a major problem for Families, Councils and Care Organisations.

LiveView has installed several camera systems in the homes of elderly relatives helping families to monitor and check on elderly parents at anytime using their smartphones, iPads and tablets. Being able to check-in on them at any time during a busy daily schedule is a comfort to both families and the elderly.  It also means that they can stay at home rather than go into a carehome for longer.


This month we have installed a system at an elderly lady’s house under the care of a homecare group. She was in danger of having to be moved, against her explicit wishes, into a home. The lady wanted to stay at her own home as long as possible, where she has lived for many years. The simple installation of cameras made this possible with carehome group staff being able to check-in on her at any time – 24 hours a day. All cameras are password protected to ensure that only those authorised can view them. Microphones can also be installed to listen in if required.

Typically, inobtrusive cameras are placed in the main living room, where the elderly spend the majority of their time during the day, hallway viewing the bottom of the stairs in case the person falls, and outside front and back for simple security purposes, especially useful to prevent unscrupulous, rogue salesmen. A visible camera is a useful deterrent. Bedroom cameras can also be installed at the discretion of the family if required.


Many customers have High Definition TV in their homes and are expecting to see the same level of picture quality from a CCTV system. Well, we can now bring that to you easily and cost effectively thanks to HD-SDI. Briefly, the benefits of HD-SDI CCTV are high definition images (typically 4-5 times higher than standard analogue), making it easier to identify individuals. HD-SDI can easily be used in tandem with existing analogue cameras.

A frame of CCTV footage is made up of pixels. Any picture with over 1 million pixels is classed as a Megapixel image and can be referred to as High Definition (HD). HD Equipment typically has one of two resolutions: 720P and 1080P. 720 or 1080 refers to the number of pixels in a vertical line that make up the picture. We offer the 1080P resolution which can be switched to 720P to allow longer recording times if required.


Megapixel CCTV has been possible for some time over IP CCTV networks. So HD-SDI is not the only way to achieve it, but its arrival makes Megapixel CCTV simple and affordable. IP CCTV is more prevalent in new builds (where there is no issue of replacing existing coaxial cable) and large installations where budget is less of an issue.

You have two basic options when choosing an HD-SDI CCTV – a full HD-SDI system, or a Hybrid system combining HD-SDI with Analogue. Some customers – especially those with an existing analogue CCTV system – may feel that a few HD-SDI cameras in key positions such as external doors will suffice.

To view HD-SDI you will need a recorder that has HD-SDI camera inputs and HD-SDI cameras. To also fully appreciate the definition you will need a HD monitor to view the images.


Please contact us for more details if you’re interested in HD quality CCTV.

Whatever the CCTV need you can be sure that LiveView can help.

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