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Welcome to our monthly news roundup for Businesses and Homeowners across the North and beyond.

This month: CCTV Cameras, Show Schedule and “See our Video”

Spring has been a busy time for LiveView with CCTV installations and upgrades for Business and Domestic customers including industrial units, garages, shops, farms and multiple vehicle installations for the Fire and Ambulance services.

What kind of cameras do I need?

As our name suggests LiveView stream live and recorded CCTV images from all types of cameras to client’s smartphones, iPads, PCs, lap-tops and professional monitoring centres.


When recommending cameras we are often asked: “Will we be able to see a car number plate ?”  Well the answer depends upon the quality of the camera and your lighting.

With a single camera you cannot expect to see lots of evidential detail at the same time as a wide angle, observational view – it’s similar to taking a photograph. For example below we have 2 separate, static cameras on the main entrance of a large site. The one on the left show 2 cars parked in the top right hand corner with their headlights on. The one on the right shows the same cars in much more detail, an example of the difference between an observational and an evidential camera:


Cameras come in all shapes, sizes and colours dependent upon their purpose. They usually include pan, tilt, zoom cameras for industrial units and large houses although most are discrete looking on a house unless an owner wants a visible deterrent: Domestic customers typically want cameras to cover cars parked on driveways, visitors at doors, patio doors, porches, gates, even to watch kids playing out on a kitchen TV.


Remote viewing over the Internet:

A system doesn’t have to be connected to the Internet. But if you want to see your cameras remotely on a PC, lap-top, smartphone or mobile the recorder has to be connected to the Internet normally through your broadband router. If you haven’t got a broadband connection it isn’t a problem, we can use a 3G-4G SIM card. This is often the only way to monitor remote utility and farm buildings, stables, sheds and industrial units.

Of course you can’t connect a cable to a vehicle but with a 3G SIM card system you can watch live and recorded video from where ever they are so long as there is a mobile network signal – just like making a call from a mobile phone.

Give us your feedback !

Please give us feedback about what you’d like to see or if you’re an exisitng customer let us know how useful your system has been to you – this month one homeowner provided useful evidence to the Police to asist with a murder case !

Show schedule

Many of you come to see us at shows that LiveView attend across Yorkshire every year. Please come to say hello and see live and recorded CCTV demos at any of the following shows in 2013:

  • Otley Show – Saturday 18th May
  • Great Yorkshire Show – Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11th July
  • Bingley Show – Saturday 20th July
  • Penistone Show – Saturday 14th September


Finally please click to see our video: “We can install a camera anywhere !”, well mostly.


Whatever the CCTV need you can be sure that LiveView can help.

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