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Welcome to our monthly news roundup for Businesses and Homeowners across Yorkshire and beyond.

This month:

  • CCTV Solutions for Schools and
  • Online Interactive Map showing higher incidence of burglaries during the Winter – check your area now !!!

LiveView are increasingly asked to install or take-over School CCTV and security systems. These include cameras for security when the school is closed but increasingly for the office to monitor what is happening when open.


Staff actively monitor visitors arriving at reception safe in the knowledge that a facial recording is available for evidential purposes should visitors turn out to be unwanted. Playground watch is live and recorded; one school resolved an incident when 2 boys accidently bumped each other. The recording proved to the victim that it was an accident rather than intentional. This camera doubled up as a night-time security camera.

Viewing is always easy on regular PCs, lap-tops and monitors; even from home “heaven forbid” on iPads and smartphones.


As well as recording during the day, night time intrusions are regularly requested by Police to help identify burglars and vandals to stop problems early. Recordings can be held locally at the school for retrieval by staff or us, or the system can be connected to a remote monitoring station for out of hours surveillance. Any alert is immediately observed by professionally trained operators and appropriate action taken; call the Police, Security Patrol, Caretaker or Staff members. Audio challenges can also be made to warn intruders off.


When do alarm activations occur? Interactive map & infographic

As the long nights descend on the northern hemisphere, burglars come out to play and the rate of burglaries in the winter soars.

A new infographic and interactive map, produced by data from ADT, shows the national spread of alarm activations and explores the higher incidence of home burglaries during the winter.

Click on the below image to explore the infographic in full:


The new map has been released alongside new research that shows 72% of burglars planned the break-in before committing a burglary.

In a survey of 100 reformed burglars, it was found that gangs work together to sweep through a house – checking all of the ‘secret’ locations such as under mattresses, at the back of sock drawers and, bizarrely, inside ovens or freezers – in less than five minutes.

Key deterrents for a burglar include:

  • Gravel driveways;
  • Dogs;
  • New, secure-looking doors and locks;
  • Sensor lights;
  • CCTV.

Click here to explore the infographic.

Whatever the CCTV need you can be sure that LiveView can help.

Next Month: Rapid Deployment CCTV

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