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The best technology doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive. Mobotix systems are widely considered to be the best in HD-IP CCTV and at the same time offer many cost advantages. They are complete, all-in-one solutions offering viewing of live and recorded video over the Internet with free applications for PCs, tablets and smartphones. They have built-in microphones, 2-way audio and email and alarm notifications. Click to see: Mobotix - why we are no1 in high resolution IP video

Mobotix logo

Mobotix high resolution IP CCTV shows more detail. The higher the resolution, the more accurate the image detail. Whereas an analogue recorded image generally has no more than 0.1 megapixels (CIF), one single MOBOTIX camera with 5 megapixels can record approx. 50 times more detail. As a result, larger image areas with up to 360deg all-round views are possible, thus reducing the number of cameras and therefore the costs. For example four lanes at a petrol station can be recorded with one MOBOTIX camera instead of four conventional analogue cameras.

Mobotix - Gas station 4 lane view

MOBOTIX offer innovative hemispherical technology. One single camera can monitor the whole 360 degrees of a room or 180 degree area in front of any building; home or business. Monitoring video from multiple cameras is difficult to track, with overlapping and often gaps between the camera’s field of view. MOBOTIX hemispheric technology can capture and deliver a single 180deg panaromic view with no overlapping or gaps.

 Mobotix - hemispheric view with AS set Mobotix - S15 in external box with light and sensor

The above image is from a single, discrete S15 lens module mounted in the small box shown in the centre of the picture to the right. The LED light and motion sensor provide light for improved night conditions.

For details see: Mobotix FlexMount-S15

Mobotix - S15 lens in hand image

Viewing is purely software, meaning no motors, no wear. With free PC, tablet or smartphone software you can zoom in on the detail. The vPTZ (virtual pan, tilt, zoom) functions are a standard feature in the integrated camera software. The image from the hemispheric camera can be enlarged using e.g. the mouse wheel, a joystick or a software-controlled PTZ panel, and you can "move" the view to any section of the image. This provides the features of a mechanical PTZ camera without the disadvantages of maintenance and wear. As below an entire room can be shown from wall to wall, without any blind spots.

Mobotix - hemispheric view of office reception Mobotix - Hemspheric vPTZ explained

Although a premier IP CCTV brand there are many cost advantages to using MOBOTIX cameras based on their decentralised approach. Combining high resolution video with in-camera recording means fewer cameras are needed and direct recording to any type of storage device such as, in-camera SD card, Hard Disk or NAS drive storage is also possible.

The systems are very scalable, as more cameras are added; just add more storage, nothing else. No dedicated servers or recording software licenses are needed. This means no server maintenance and no storage or scaling limitations.

As with other LiveView offerings live and recorded viewing from anywhere in the world is possible on PCs, tablets and smartphones. The MOBOTIX all-in-one platform turns a standard smartphone into an interactive mobile “control-room”, providing instant video playback, with on-demand 2-way audio and video communication with the camera’s surrounding environment.