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SerVision's compact CVG is light and small with minimal power consumption making it an ideal choice for body-worn/ foot-patrol security applications, covert operations or where only 1-2 cameras are required to secure a site. Optimised for providing high-quality live video streams over low bandwidths to local and remote users, the CVG offers all of the SerVision’s advanced video transmission, event detection, notification and client access features. Click here for a full technical specification.Body Worn CCTV



  • With a standard 4GB removable SD card (optional up to 64GB) the CVG unit can record continuously for three days for viewing in client applications
  • Bi-directional audio support enables remote users to communicate with on-site users
  • Support for WiFi and cellular modems through an external module make it possible to connect the unit to the internet without using a network cable
  • And a sensor and activator can be connected to the unit for expanded event detection and handling.
       SerVision CVG   

    The CVG can be incorporated into any number of security body-worn/ foot-patrol applications including the Police, Security Companies, Traffic Wardens, Undercover Operations and more. Even into Police riot shields ....


    Body Worn CCTV

    Coupled with an external module the CVG recorder is ideal for covertly streaming video from a single camera, over 3G, to be viewed on client software on a PC or mobile phone. For example hidden in a document file and placed on a book shelf. Click for other Wireless CCTV examples. 



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