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LiveView offer two ground-breaking options from SerVision for Boat CCTV applications. The ruggedised MVG video gateways for vehicles are also the ideal choice for the marine environment. The MVG-400 has 4 camera channels, the MVG-800 has 8 camera channels.

SerVision MVG-800SerVision MVG-400 


 MVG Product Details


Ideal for deployment in boats, buses, trains, police, delivery trucks, emergency response and cash-in-transit vehicles, the MVG video gateways use cellular and wireless technologies to stream high-quality live or recorded video from boats or vehicles to remote client devices, although they can also be connected to the internet using a standard cable based internet connection. Full GPS support allows remote users to locate and track boats and vehicles when connected to the internet, whille the anti shock, vibration-resistant casing ensures reliability on the seas. Support for a closed-circuit monitor also enables sailors a view of what is going on in every corner of the boat.

LiveView Boat CCTVLiveView Boat CCTV