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Many customers have High Definition TV in their homes and are expecting to see the same level of picture quality from a CCTV system. Well, we can bring that to you easily and cost effectively thanks to HD-SDI and HD-IP technology. Briefly, the benefits of HD CCTV are high definition images (typically 4-5 times higher than standard analogue), making it easier to identify individuals. HD-SDI can easily be used in tandem with existing analogue cameras. HD-IP is a different technology and can only be integrated with analogue as a separate system at the same site.

HD-SDI v IP v Analogue comparison

A frame of CCTV footage is made up of pixels. Any picture with over 1 million pixels is classed as a Megapixel image and can be referred to as High Definition (HD). HD Equipment typically has one of two resolutions: 720P and 1080P. 720 or 1080 refers to the number of pixels in a vertical line that make up the picture. 1080P resolution can be switched to 720P to allow longer recording times if required.

With Mobotix cameras, the world’s no.1 in high-resolution IP video, we can offer 50% better than HD (1080P) at 1536 lines (QXGA) and even 150% better at 1944 lines (5MP).

Compared to customers still commonly recording at CIF resolution (288 lines); HD has 20 times more clarity, QXGA has over 30 times more whilst 5MP nearly 50 times more. The illustration below shows the difference:

Mobotix - resolution comparison pictures

Download: Mobotix - why we are no. 1 in high resolution IP video

Megapixel CCTV has been possible for some time over IP CCTV networks, whereas HD-SDI is relatively new. HD-IP CCTV is more prevalent in new builds (where there is no issue of replacing existing coaxial cable) and large installations where budget is less of an issue.

With HD-SDI you have two basic options; a full HD-SDI system, or a Hybrid system combining HD-SDI with Analogue. Some customers – especially those with an existing analogue CCTV system – may feel that a few HD-SDI cameras in key positions such as external doors and vehicle entrances will suffice.