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Megapixel CCTV has been possible for some time over IP CCTV networks and is more prevalent in new builds (where there is no issue of replacing existing coaxial cable) and large installations where budget is less of an issue.

Increasingly customers want very clear images and with HD-IP this is achievable. Put simply, HDTV or 1080P is a resolution of 1080 lines. With Mobotix cameras, the world’s no. 1 in high-resolution IP video, we can offer HD, but also over 50% better at 1536 lines (QXGA) and now 150% better at 1944 lines (5MP). We use whatever is most suitable for the application. In fact there are 14 standard options to choose from.

Mobotix - resolution comparison pictures

Compared to customers still using analogue CCTV and recording at CIF resolution; HD has 20 times more clarity, QXGA has over 30 times more whilst 5MP nearly 50 times more. HD-IP CCTV is the way to achieve this.

The best technology isn't necessarily the most expensive. Mobotix IP video systems offer many cost advantages. They are complete, all-in-one solutions and, as is expected of CCTV systems today, viewing of live and recorded video over the Internet is possible using viewing applications for PCs, tablets and smartphones. They also have built-in microphones, 2-way audio and email and alarm notifications.

Mobotix - Cost advantage

Please contact us if you would like more information about HD-IP CCTV.