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Megapixel CCTV has been possible for some time over IP CCTV networks. So HD-SDI is not the only way to achieve it, but its arrival makes Megapixel CCTV simple and affordable. IP CCTV is more prevalent in new builds (where there is no issue of replacing existing coaxial cable) and large installations where budget is less of an issue.

HD-SDI recorder HD-SDI Bracket camera        HD-SDI Dome camera

You have two basic options when choosing an HD-SDI CCTV – a full HD-SDI system, or a Hybrid system combining HD-SDI with Analogue. Some customers – especially those with an existing analogue CCTV system – may feel that a few HD-SDI cameras in key positions such as external doors will suffice.
To view HD-SDI you will need a recorder that has HD-SDI camera inputs and HD-SDI cameras. To also fully appreciate the definition you will need a HD monitor to view the images.

     HD-SDI hemispheric cameras     Hemispheric yard view

We can also provide 180deg and 360deg cameras which are perfect for covering surveillance of large internal or external areas. Ideal for applications such as: retail, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, schools, car parks, petrol stations.

Please contact us for more details if you’re interested in HD quality CCTV using HD-SDI.